Why Landlords Use Orca Homes

Why Landlords Use Orca Homes

The rental business can be a cash cow or a major headache, and sometimes a little bit of both.  Orca Homes, Washington’s #1 cash-for-house buyer, works with many landlords for many different reasons. If you have one rental property, or many across the greater Seattle-Tacoma region, and the process is not what you thought, or it’s not going well, Orca Homes might be the best answer for you.  

If you own rental properties on purpose or fell into it on accident, being a landlord is a lucrative business when done well, but it’s hard to do it well. With a lack of knowledge about the market,  how to find and hire high-quality contractors, tenant laws and regulations, not to mention the time and detailed follow-up being a landlord require, this full-time gig can easily become an expensive mistake. Orca Homes is here to help. If being a landlord is a title you’d like to shed,  Orca Homes will make you a fair cash offer for that rental property, and you can walk away from the headaches that came with it.  

The business side of being a landlord might have been ok, but maybe it was the tenants that got to you. If you have to deal with one more trashed property, getting the renters out, and contractors in for hefty and expensive repairs, you might lose it. Good contractors, at reasonable pricing, are hard to find in this competitive Seattle market. Orca Homes is willing to make you a cash offer for an as-is home. We don’t care if the walls have been spray painted and the toilet has been smashed to pieces. Rather than going through the pain of repairs one more time, call Orca Homes today.  

Or maybe your situation is the opposite. Maybe you have great renters who haven’t paid rent for five months, but you also have a big heart and are having a hard time evicting them. Orca  Homes can help here too. We can buy that rental from you, keep the renters in place, but take over the situation and you can walk away guilt-free.  

Orca Homes help landlords all over the greater Seattle-Tacoma area when it comes to the headaches and hassles of rentals and rental properties. We make it easy for landlords to escape the drama by making fair cash offers for their property. We are not a wholesale company, we are the direct buyer, so our process is straightforward and the deal can be done in less than two weeks. If you are a landlord looking for a way out, reach out to Orca Homes today.