Fund Your Retirement With Orca Homes

Fund Your Retirement With Orca Homes

You are inching towards retirement. You can almost feel the warm desert sun on your face and the refreshing cocktail in hand. You are ready for it, but know that a few things will try to slow you down on your way to retirement. Selling your house will be quite a process. Maybe you’ve lived there for 50 years and there has been some deferred maintenance. You know to sell several things need to be fixed, but some big-ticket items will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and it’s hard to part with that cash. Maybe you know it needs updating to get top dollar, but the cash investment in updates feels like a risk considering retirement is on the horizon. Orca Homes is ready to help.  

Orca Homes is Washington’s #1 cash-for-house buyer. We will come to take a look at your home or property, make you an offer, and close within two weeks. We are not a middle man or a real estate investor that looks for buyers, but because we are the buyer, and purchase your home directly from you, we can walk you through each step of our process in a straightforward way. The benefit of selling to us is that you can sell your property as-is. You don’t need to make any repairs or updates. This saves you time, money and hassle, and gets you realizing your retirement dreams sooner. 

Orca Homes lives by its guarantee. If your property goes under contract with Orca Homes, it is guaranteed to close. We have a 100% close rate which sets us apart from the competition. Orca Homes doesn’t add hidden contingencies into our contracts as other companies do. We don’t back out of our deals and we are flexible and willing to work with you on your specific timeline and needs within the deal. We can offer flexible closing windows and lease-back options to give you time to plan your next step. Start retirement with cash and peace of mind. Selling your home doesn’t have to be complicated when Orca Homes bring their experience and transparency to the table. Funding retirement is easier than you think.