House Disrepair: Orca Homes Will Still Purchase Your Home

House Disrepair: Orca Homes Will Still Purchase Your Home

Orca Homes, the Pacific Northwest’s leading cash-for-homes company, allows you to walk away from a home suffering from deferred maintenance with money in your pocket and lights on the horizon. Maintaining a home takes skill, knowledge, time, and money. If regular home maintenance is deferred and put off due to illness, mobility, or financial trouble, a home begins to have big problems. Big problems cost big bucks, and when a home is past the point of no return, selling to Orca Homes in a fast, safe and guaranteed process is your next best decision.  

Going the traditional route, attempting to sell your home with a realtor requires that every item with deferred maintenance must pass an official inspection report. With Orca Homes, there is no inspection, your home passes 100% of the time. With a traditional inspection report there tend to be tens of thousands of dollars of items that need to be attended to—water heaters, roof repairs or entire roof replacement, dangerous decks, plumbing leaks, a crumbling or settling foundation, electrical problems—even one or two of these issues could cost over  $10k out of pocket, on top of the fees and commissions it costs to sell your home.  

Say your home has a few significant items of deferred maintenance, for instance, it needs a new roof and you’re suspicious there’s a leak behind some tiles in one of the showers because the wall is soft and there are some water stains on the drywall. So, you first call a roofing company.  They give you a quote for $35,000, which is out of the question, so you find a smaller company,  possibly a general contractor who can get the roof replaced and has a plumber he works with to take a look at the plumbing. The contractor and plumber poke around and discover that the shower has had a slow leak for some time, and will require the entire shower torn out, the subfloor and tile on the floors and walls replaced, new drywall, texture, paint, plumbing fixtures,  plumbing labor, tile, thin set, and grout not to mention the labor for the contractor. Let’s say he gives you a quote for the roof and the bathroom at $30,000. If you go ahead with this job, you are out $30k, but your house is ready to sell with a traditional realtor with the commissions and fees. Unless the calculations indicate that you’d recoup the deferred maintenance costs, the cost to sell, and commissions, considering selling the house as-is could be your best option.  With Orca Homes it is simple, straightforward, and fast. We purchase your home directly from you, we are not a middle man, so you are guaranteed to walk away with cash, regardless of the condition of your home.