Vacant Land

Orca Homes is at your service as Washington state’s #1 reputable cash-for-house buyer. We have helped so many people sell for cash in a variety of situations, and we can help you too.  Most people don’t know that we don’t only help in foreclosure or as-is condition sales, but we buy land as well as dwellings. We buy vacant land as well as land with unusable, condemned, or uninhabitable buildings on the property. We buy land in weird or undesirable locations.  You’ve got weird? We’re willing to look at it.  

You might own land as an investment, but your situation has changed, and it’s time to offload the property. Maybe you inherited the land, but you have no interest in developing it and don’t want to deal with the arduous traditional selling process. You want the cash, but not the hassle.  Possibly you bought the land a long time ago wanting to develop it in the future, but the location has become undesirable, unusual, or just not where you want to be. You see hassle and headache with your property, but Orca Homes sees an opportunity and can free you from a  headache in a flash.  

Orca Homes will come to see the property in person or virtually, and make you a cash offer.  The time you accept the offer and walk away with cash in hand can be two weeks or less.  Orca Homes is not a middleman. Other companies can be unreliable and walk away from their offers, leaving you with a bigger mess than the initial problem. Orca Homes isn’t like that. You deal directly with us. We purchase your land directly from you, guaranteeing the cash offer with a cash advance. We are efficient, honest, and straightforward and because you deal directly with our team, we will walk you through the process from start to finish.  

If you’ve got land—even land with a rickety cabin or abandoned trailer—we’ve got your back.  Reach out to Orca Homes today and get your land sold to us in a flash. Cash-out and move on with Orca Homes.