Orca Homes: An Answer in County Foreclosure

Orca Homes: An Answer in County Foreclosure

Owning a home is expensive. Orca Homes knows the realities of this very well. In addition to the ongoing costs associated with home repairs and maintenance, paying the mortgage each month can put a strain on finances. If finances are already tight, or the roof is leaking and a  new one costs tens of thousands of dollars, and an added expense like a medical emergency,  death in the family, or other unforeseen circumstance, paying the mortgage becomes a lower priority.  

Each year, in addition to paying the mortgage payment to the bank each month, the county collects yearly taxes owed for the land and structure. Everyone gets their share, and legally taxes on the land and structure must be paid. These taxes can increase each year based on  

the increased value and desirability of location and additional square footage added to the house. The county assesses these factors each year, and the owner of the home is on the hook for property taxes.  

If the yearly property taxes are not paid, and the owner falls behind, like the bank, the county can also file a lien against the property and begin foreclosure proceedings on the house to recoup the owed county property taxes. This can feel like a confusing and dismal reality with no way out. If the foreclosure proceedings continue to completion, you will be left with nothing.  You will get no equity from your home, and you will be left with nothing to show. However, the way out is Orca Homes.  

Orca Homes function as a direct home buyer—offering you a fair and up-front cash offer for your home. Because we have low overhead, understand the system well, and don’t function as a middle man we can move very quickly. In most cases, we can beat out the county foreclosure timeline and get you out of a difficult situation with cash in your pocket and you well on your way to a fresh start. From the time you accept Orca Homes’ cash offer, it can take as little as two weeks. When you accept our offer, we assume responsibility for your mortgage, we pay off the owed county taxes, and you hold no more responsibility. You end up with something to invest into your next step which makes us happy. Reach out today to Orca  Homes. We offer peace of mind and cash in hand.