Portfolio or Package of Properties

Portfolio or Package of Properties

Orca Homes is Washington’s #1 cash-for-house buying company because our process is efficient, our pricing is upfront and there are no middlemen to delay, disrupt or walk away from the deal. We help people out in so many tricky financial situations: county or bank foreclosure,  landlords who need out of their rentals, divorce situations, retirement cashouts, and portfolio situations.  

Orca Homes can make bulk property purchases. The rental business is a lucrative one,  but getting out of it can be a long and arduous process. Orca Homes can help. If you are a  landlord or property investor with multiple properties, and you are hoping to cash out, sell all your properties and retire, we can get you on the beach with a cocktail in hand faster than you can do it selling one property at a time. Even if you only have land with no buildings or run-down buildings that need to be bulldozed, or a mixture of rental properties and land, details like that don’t slow us down. Show us what you have, get a cash offer from us, and most of the time we get the deal was done in two weeks or less.  

It’s no secret that rental properties can take a beating. To sell, these properties must be in pristine condition. Property inspections delay the selling process, increase the price to get it sold, and require shrewd negotiations. If you have multiple properties, each needing any type of  

repairs before or after an inspection, you have months and months of work ahead of you as well as the cost of all the repairs.  

We have great news. Orca Homes can purchase all of your properties at once. We will be your direct buyer, there will be no inspections, and we will offer you a fair price for your property portfolio. Sell to us as-is. Save yourself the headache of working with slow and unskilled contractors to replace carpets, roofs, redoing bathrooms, painting, or hardwood floors. We will walk through each property (virtually or in-person) with you and offer one generous offer for all