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Welcome to Orca Homes’ blog. This is the space where we educate and inspire our customers, and future customers, to understand our process and how it plays out in countless situations. Our hope is that from your research and learning from our blog, you will feel confident in Orca Homes and sell your house or property to us.

We are Washington’s most-trusted cash-for-house buyer because of our transparent process and guaranteed pricing. We do it differently, and our customers benefit. Our blog is divided into different categories to help you pinpoint the information you’re looking for. We feature before and after photos and stories, hardship situations we can help get you out of, life situations stymied by a house, problems with the house itself and different types of houses and properties we buy. We attempt to be thorough with regular posts and current information, however we’d love to hear from you if you need more or additional information about your specific situation. We’ve built a knowledgeable team of enthusiastic and caring individuals who will be able to answer questions and give you ideas and suggestions in regards to your home.

We’re glad you’ve joined us, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.