Why should I sell to you at a discount when I could get top dollar on the open market?

Because getting your house ready to sell (think repairs, updates, cleaning and landscaping) happens even before it’s listed. Once listed, it could take time to get it sold. If you have the money to make the needed repairs and the time to wait for the right buyer at the right price, then selling on the MLS will fetch you the highest price. Orca Homes is your answer if you’re short on time and cash. If you need efficiency, no hassle, and to still walk away with some equity, then consider Orca Homes as your best solution. If you decide to go the traditional selling route with an agent, you can still call us! We have licensed realtors on staff ready to work with you.

How is Orca Homes different than a realtor?

We are the buyer. A realtor is looking for a buyer for your home acting as a middle man between you and the buyer. Many factors can slow this process down: repairs, staging, showings, price negotiations, and financing falling through. This process can be long and expensive. Orca Homes cuts out the middleman and purchases your house directly from you, eliminating the need for fees, realtors, showings, repairs and negotiations. Read more here (link to blog)

How much under market value will the offer be?

We take into account condition of your house and calculate the cost of all the repairs and updates. We subtract those costs from the market price, and make you an offer.

What do you do with my house after you buy it?

We do a number of things with houses and property depending on location, tenants and condition of the property. Sometimes we do updates and repairs, other times we raze the property and start over with new construction. If tenants are happy in their rental, we try to keep it as a rental and function as their landlord.

Can I leave my stuff behind?

Yes! If you just need to take the essentials and hit the road, leave behind anything and everything that doesn’t need to go with you.

What if my house needs a lot of repairs or maintenance?

It doesn’t matter. We buy your house as-is, so even if your house has an old roof and furnace, along with a leak in the bathroom, you don’t have to lift a finger or pay a dime to get those taken care of before you sell to Orca Homes. Read more here. (Link to blog)

What fees are involved in selling my house and who pays them?

Unlike the all the fees associated with selling using the traditional route, Orca Homes does not charge any fees for our services.

When do I get my money?

Orca Homes moves efficiently. Our deals can close within two weeks, and you would receive your funds from the sale as that deal closes.

Once I sign the contract, will the price ever change?

No. When you accept an offer from Orca Homes you are ensuring a fixed price that won’t change. Our competitors write contingencies and loopholes into their contracts allowing them to walk away or change the price at the last minute. Orca Homes guarantees the price we offer, and we won’t walk away.

How quickly can you close on my house? How long does the process take?

When you accept our offer the deal can close within two weeks. We are efficient. We can come see your property and make you an offer the same day. If you have a pressing deadline we can meet it. We can also offer flexibility if you have a specific timeline or need to rent back to us after the deal is closed. Read more here. (Link to blog)

Can you make me an offer over the phone without seeing my house?

Probably not, but we can do virtual appointments via Zoom or FaceTime and make you an offer. Because our offers are binding for us, we can’t purchase them blindly.

Can you buy my house if there is a lien, pre-foreclosure, judgement, etc against it?

In most cases, yes, we can purchase your home with complicated lien, pre-foreclosure or judgement situations. Selling to Orca Homes allows you to recoup some of your equity and saves your credit before it’s decimated. But, don’t leave it to the last minute. Call Orca Homes before the situations proceed before the point of no return. Read more here. (Link to blog)

How can I afford to move, and pay for another place to live, when I need the money from the sale to be able to afford all that?

Good question. We know that these situations can be stressful with a lot of pressure and unknowns. Orca Homes wants to give you the best price for you house as well as offer flexible options like renting it back. Instead of having nothing to show from your house, as soon as the deal closes you will receive the equity.

What if my house is in good condition, can you still buy it?

Absolutely. Orca Homes buys houses in any condition. We’ve purchased many homes not in distress: retirees cashing out, landlords moving on, and servicemen and women heading to their next assignment. We buy from anyone in any situation no matter the condition of their house.

What if I have multiple properties that I want to sell? Will Orca Homes buy more than one?

Yes. Because of our unique process and company’s agility, we can purchase multiple properties at once from you. It could even be a combination of dwellings and vacant land in undesirable locations. Read more here. (Link to blog post)

I’m a landlord and want out. Can you help?

Yes. Orca Homes provides relief for landlords looking for a way out of underperforming or distressed properties. We will buy your property (or properties) and many times leave the tenants in place. You can sell your tenant problem with the house. Read more here. (Link to blog post)

What if I inherited a house, but don’t want it? Can you sell it?

Yes. We can help walk you through some of the legal requirements, and if the conditions are met, we can absolutely purchase the inherited home from you.