Orca Homes In Unprecedented Times

Orca Homes In Unprecedented Times

Covid has disrupted the lives and well-being of so many. Despite the circumstances, Orca Homes has remained Washington’s #1 cash-for-house seller, and is sensitive to needed adjustments during this time. We’ve made the necessary changes in our process to keep you safe.

We wear masks. If we come to visit your home, though we always take care for the interior and exterior of your house, these days we’ve added masks to our routine. We come with clean hands, and if we are feeling under the weather or if you are, we can easily reschedule our appointment.

We can do virtual tours, offers and meetings. If meeting in person lies outside your comfort zone, no problem. Thanks to technology, we have all the options of meeting virtually. You can walk us through the property with a visual tour, we can discuss details, and can make you a desirable offer without having to meet face-to-face.

Don’t let Covid stop you in your tracks. If, for any reason, you need to get out of your housing situation, Orca Homes is here to help. We are different than the big-business cash-for-house franchise companies because we buy directly from you. We are not a middle man which means you will end up with money in your pocket. Our o ff er is guaranteed, the deal will close quickly, and you will be onto your next chapter.