Our Process Versus Theirs

The buy-homes-for-cash industry doesn’t have the most pristine reputation, and Orca Homes
not only understands why, but we’ve challenged the industry standards and raised the bar.
Orca Homes buys homes for cash, but we do it differently. Most cash-for-home companies are
middlemen, but you don’t know that until it’s too late. You need to sell quickly, and they claim
they’ll find a buyer only to traipse ten potential investors through your home, making you feel
uncomfortable or exposed with strangers making critical and condescending comments about
your home. If an investor agrees to a price, and your house goes under contract, that investor
most likely has many contingencies allowing them to back out of any deal. This leaves you with
less time, and if there are legal issues like foreclosure or divorce, many years of deferred
maintenance or life changes like deployment or retirement, these circumstances end up
complicating what felt like a sure thing. If the deal falls through you are back to square one with
no deal, no money and less time.

Orca Homes is radically different and offers a transparent and straight-forward process that
leaves you involved, understood and with cash in hand at the end. We aren’t a middle man. We
do no bring buyers through your house, we are the buyer. We will do a socially distanced walk
through to see your property, and we’ll make you an offer. Because we don’t charge any fees
for our services, like a traditional real estate agent does, our offers are slightly below market
price, but without the fees, repairs, and closing costs, you are able to walk away without any
hassle and with proceeds from the sale. When we make an offer, we guarantee it, and don’t
have hidden contingencies letting us back out at the last minute. We stand behind our offers
and have a 100% close rate to prove it.

We can make an offer and close within two weeks. We make offers that can suit your needs
with timing and lease-back options in order to make the process as simple and painless for
you as we can. Orca Homes is radically different. We’re here for you. We aren’t scared of
complicated legal issues like divorce, inherited properties or foreclosure. We’ve seen it all, and
have even helped landlords, soldiers in deployment, and the retiree looking for the sun. We’re
confident we’re your next best decision, and we’re here to help. Call us today to get an offer for
your home, so you can get on with your life.