Our Process Versus Theirs

The buy-homes-for-cash industry doesn’t have the most pristine reputation, and Orca Homes
not only understands why, but we’ve challenged the industry standards and raised the bar.

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Orca Homes In Unprecedented Times

Covid has disrupted the lives and well-being of so many. Despite the circumstances, Orca Homes has remained Washington’s #1 cash-for-house seller, and is sensitive to needed adjustments during this time. We’ve made the necessary changes in our process to keep you safe.

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Orca Homes Blog

Welcome to Orca Homes’ blog. This is the space where we educate and inspire our customers, and future customers, to understand our process and how it plays out in countless situations.

Our hope is that from your research and learning from our blog, you will feel confident in Orca Homes and sell your house or property to us.

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The leading “We Buy Houses Cash” company in the Pacific Northwest, helping every homeowner from Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue and beyond the greater Washington area, to sell your house fast. Let Orca Homes deal with the hassle and paperwork of the house sales process, and enjoy a guaranteed closure on your own timeline. Get a fair cash offer on your house today!